You Will Never Get Good Freelance Writers On Facebook (Or Through Recommendations)

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Dear employer,

How do you find freelance writers to help you with those POD and POA orders?

Let me take a guess. You go on Facebook or social media platforms blindly searching, in the hope that you might get a good writer. Don’t you also ask friends and acquaintances for recommendations for good writers, when in urgent need?

How has that worked out for you, thus far? I assume not great!

Here is why Facebook doesn’t cut it when trying to find good freelance writers;

  • It is impossible to trust anyone at face value
  • Yes, you might get lucky and find good writers on Facebook or through recommendations, but more often than not, it will prove to be a futile attempt. How do you know the person reaching out is actually goo, or trustworthy? Often times, by the time you get to know them, they have already disappeared with your money. Knowing how hard it is to get good writers, why would someone recommend to you their best writers? Without any rating system, or a way to hold writers accountable, it becomes a wild goose chase.

  • A good writer will never see your post
  • The number of people on Facebook, and number of posts within Facebook groups, is quite substantial. There is quite a lot of content one individual has to consume, at one particular moment. What are the chances that the good writer you seek will get to see your post? How sure are you all those that get to see your post are actually writers, or are even looking for work? Quite slim. This makes Facebook quite a terrible place to try finding and hiring freelancers.

  • It is a scammers’ paradise
  • The social media environment has helped foster a scam culture. More often than not, you will run into scammers and poor writers, before you can run into a half decent writer. Some scammers will team up to send you recommendations that lead you into their traps. It only takes a post by one employer complaining about a particular writer, before tens others come out complaining about the same individual. How can one individual terrorize so many people, and continue to thrive within the industry? That is social media for you!

    The solution

    We need some accountability- a system that employers can record their experiences with a particular freelancer, to recommend to or warn other employers. We need a system that watches your money, to protect you from scammers and time wasters. We need a system purpose built to help bring honest nd genuine employers together with hardworking and expert freelancers.

    Fortunately, that system already exists. We advocate you hire your freelance writers through

    Freelance Soko homepage

    Why is Freelance Soko better than Facebook for finding and hiring Kenyan freelancers?

  • It is all about the money
  • First, you only pay after you have reviewed and approved the paper delivered. In addition, you have 14-days after order completion, to come back for revisions or your money back, if the quality is proven to be poor. No more paying for PODs and POAs without the guarantee that the freelancer will be available to work on revisions, after you have paid them. With this system, only good and honest writers will want to offer their services, knowing that they will not get paid if they offer unsatisfactory quality. While disingenuous individuals may succeed in wasting your time, they won’t get away with your money.

  • Trust in ratings and reviews
  • Second, after successful order completion, employers leave feedback regarding the writers’ service. Writers are rated on quality of delivery, professionalism and ability to meet deadline. These 3 metrics are essential in informing future employers of what to expect from the freelancer. With time, we should be able to sort the wheat from the chuff. Poor writers and scammers will have no place in our industry.

  • It is a purpose built vehicle
  • Third, Freelance Soko is purposely built to bring together employers and freelancers. As an employer, you can easily, conveniently and securely find freelancers that are ready and willing to help you with your workload.  You are sure that when you post your project, only freelancers that are interested in helping, will see and bid on the project. You can easily filter and find freelancers and their services using the search tool on the platform. No more noise and distractions, in your hunt for the best freelancers in Kenya.


    Wouldn’t it be great to have a system that watches your money, while you keep your eye on the quality of work?  Wouldn’t it be easier for you to find writers with a reliable review system, rather than blindly casting your net on social media? Wouldn’t it be great to have a system purposely built to bring together employers and freelancers? Look no further than Freelance Soko, for all this and more.

    Cheza safe by hiring freelancers through

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