How to secure your first order on Freelance Soko

Dear Freelancer,

Thanks you for registering on Please make sure you complete your freelancer profile, add services you offer and verify your identity. These three requirements are critical to your success as a freelancer with us. The steps and reasons are outlined in these articles. Kindly take time to read them.

We understand that majority of freelancers are yet to secure any work through our platform. Newbies, especially, struggle to make any impression with employers looking for “experienced” freelancers to help them out. Chances are, unless you handle technical or urgent projects, you will have a torrid time securing your first job without any ratings or reviews. It is all about the ratings and reviews.

Here are a few things you can do to help you secure work on Freelance Soko.

  • Get your current employers to hire you through It is a fact that some of you still have employers that assign you orders via email or other unconventional channels. Getting assigned work this way does nothing for your freelancer portfolio, in the long run.

Why not have these employers hire you through the Freelance Soko platform? It will make it easier for you to manage your workload, while at the same time you will receive precious positive reviews and ratings. Positive ratings and reviews will help grow your public freelancer portfolio and make it easier for employers to trust in your abilities. As your reputation grows, so will your earning potential.

  • Share your freelancer profile and services you offer on social media to help secure jobs from new employers. A lot of employers still seek help from Facebook groups, WhatsApp groups among other social medial channels. The biggest challenge for employers looking for help this way, especially with urgent tasks, is telling who among the individuals applying for the job is competent, and will deliver quality work. How does one make the right choice, if all they see are comments without any supporting evidence of competence?

Simply sharing your freelancer profile and services, created on Freelance Soko, with the employer could make the difference in securing that job. A professional freelancer profile and services point to your professionalism and competence, making you stand out from competition.

Without ratings or reviews, it is an impossible task for an employer to make a decision on who to hire for their task. It is a fact that employers are not inclined to interviewing everyone that applies to their project. As a consequence, most orders currently end up unassigned. Most employers need help making the decision. That extra push comes to ratings and reviews. An employer will almost always go for the highest rated freelancer.

To help everyone start building their profiles and services, we have eliminated all fees (charged to both employers and freelancers), till the end of the year. The platform is practically free to use. May the best freelancers prevail.

Wishing you all the best.

Freelance Soko Team


Collince Ogollah on November 21, 2021

Thank you for the good pieces of advice

    Support on November 22, 2021

    You are welcome. Thank you for the support.

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