How to Create Project, Invite Freelancer, Assign Project & Buy Service on Freelance Soko (In Pictures)

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How to Access Your Dashboard

Register or Sign in to get into your dashboard.

NOTE: Each account has two dashboards; Employer dashboard and Freelancer dashboard.

You can switch between the dashboards to serve your needs. You do this by clicking on the drop down next to your name on the top right of the screen. Click on Freelancer to access the freelancer dashboard, and Employer to access your employer dashboard.

Freelance Soko: How to switch between employer and freelancer dashboards

 The wallet is shared by the two dashboards

The Employer Dashboard

The Employer Dashboard allows you to post projects, hire freelancers and buy services offered by freelancers on Freelance Soko.

Freelance Soko: Employer dashboard

The dashboard has the following items on the left hand side menu

Freelance Soko: Employer dashboard left side menu
Freelance Soko: Employer dashboard left side menu more items

How to Create Project

Locate Projects on the left menu, from within the employer dashboard. Click on the drop down and click on Create Project.

Freelance Soko: How to create a project, left side menu

Fill in all the fields in the Create Project page, and click Create Project at the bottom to post the project.

Freelance Soko: Create project page
Freelance Soko: Create project page, order details
Freelance Soko: Create project page, skills section
Freelance Soko: Create project page, project detail
Freelance Soko: Create project page, upload files
Freelance Soko: Create project page, post order

Once project has been posted, it can be viewed by freelancers. Freelancers are able to send their proposals, if interested in the project.

Freelance Soko: Posted project

How to Edit/ Cancel Posted Project

Click on the Posted Projects tab under Projects to access posted projects. This give you the option to edit or cancel your project.

Freelance Soko: How to edit/ or cancel posted project

Now you have to wait for freelancers to send their proposals, before you can chat with and hire the right freelancer.

You will be notified via email and within the dashboard notifications of any new proposals that you receive.

Freelance Soko: New proposal notification

How to Send Invites to Freelancers

Not getting any or enough proposals you like, or have preferred freelancers you would like to invite to send their proposals?

You can send invites to freelancers so that they can send their proposals for your consideration.

Go to the Freelancer search page, to send invites to freelancers.

Search for freelancers using skills or display name, choose Freelancer under choose category and click search.

Freelance Soko: Freelancer search from within dashboard

On the Freelancer Search page, you can further refine the search to find the right freelancers.

Freelance Soko: Freelancer Search page, search results

To send an invite, view a freelancer’s profile

Freelance Soko: Freelancer Search page, view freelancer’s profile

On the Freelancer’s profile, click Hire Now button.

Freelance Soko: Hire Now button

Select the project (that you have already posted) you would like to send an invite for.

Freelance Soko: Send invite

Click on Send Invitation to send the invite

Freelance Soko: Invite sent

Once an invite is sent, the freelancer is notified via email. If the freelancer can help, they should send their proposal for your consideration.

How to Assign Project to Freelancer

Once you start getting proposals, click on the Posted Projects tab on the menu under Projects. You should be able to see proposal count under proposals. Click on Proposals to view all available proposal.

Freelance Soko: Posted projects, proposals received

You have the option to Chat with freelancer and/ or hire them. Clicking on Chat launches the Chat between you and the freelancer.

Freelance Soko: Employer chat with freelancer before hiring

Once you are ready to choose the right freelancer, you can hire them by clicking on the Hire Now button. Confirm the prompt to proceed with the hire.

Freelance Soko: Hire Now freelancer to complete project

If the required amount is in your wallet, it will be deducted when you hire the freelancer. However, if the wallet balance is insufficient, you will be taken to Checkout, where you can load money into your wallet via MPesa. Fill in the relevant fields, matching the MPesa details of the account to make the required payment.

Freelance Soko: Checkout for project

How to Buy a Service

If not interested in waiting for freelancers to send their proposals, there is an option where you can purchase a freelancer’s services, to hire them. It is a quicker and faster way of getting the job done. Please chat with the freelancer before purchasing any service, just to be sure they understand your requirements, and are in a position to work on your order.

From within the dashboard, using the search tool, enter the right skill term you need. Under Choose category, select services. This will take you to the Search Services page.

Freelance Soko: Find services from within dashboard

From the Service Search page you can refine the search further.

Freelance Soko: Service Search page with search results

Choose from the results the service that best suits your needs.

Freelance Soko: Services Search page, view service

From within the service, you can view service description, seller details, reviews among other things related to the service.

Freelance Soko: Service details

You can chat with the freelancer offering the service, or share the service on social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest)

Freelance Soko: Service chat and share features

You can also save the service for later. This can be accessed from the dashboard under Saved Services on the left side menu.

Freelance Soko: Save service

You can purchase the service by clicking on the Purchase Now button on the right. Confirm the prompt to proceed.

Freelance Soko: Purchase service

If the balance in your wallet is sufficient to cover the cost of the service, then the entire amount, including admin service fee, will deducted. However, if there is insufficient balance, you will be redirected to Checkout.

Freelance Soko: Service checkout redirect

Fill in the correct information. Name should match the details in the MPesa number used for payment.

Freelance Soko: Service checkout

NOTE: The system automatically calculates the required total, including the admin service fee, that you are required to deposit into your wallet. All you need to do is enter your Mpesa pin, once you receive the prompt on your phone.

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