How To Correctly Set Up Your Freelancer Profile & Add Services

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Dear Freelancer,

Welcome to Freelance Soko. Being new, there will be issues that you run into as you try to navigate the website. Please take time to watch the How to guide for freelancers video tutorial, to help you navigate the platform.

Please note that the easiest and most convenient way for users to find who or what they need on our platform is through use of the search tool. 

Through the search tool, you can find freelancers, services, projects and employers. For you to be found through the search tool, and officially start earning with Freelance Soko, you need to do the following:

1. Correctly set up your freelancer profile

After registration, you need to edit your profile to offer information about your personal and professional skills on offer to potential employers.

A correctly set up profile has all fields and sections within the “edit profile” page correctly and completely filled out. The skills section is particularly important, if you are to appear in the search results. Try to narrow down to the most appropriate and relevant skills.

Make sure you provide details of your personal and professional experience relevant to the skills you can offer as services. Be as detailed as possible, making use of keywords (words that are common in your niche), to make it easy for you to be found.

In addition, use high quality profile and cover banner photos. This should help you stand out from the competition- a photo could be difference that seals the deal.

Your freelancer profile is what shows up when someone is looking for freelancers. Keywords and other details such as skills help employers find the right freelancers to hire for their projects.

2. Add your services and set them up correctly

Services are the main way you advertise what you can help employers with. As such, you need to offer clear details of the service, including the price. The details should both educate and inform potential employers. 

Remember, not everyone is an expert in the service you are offering. Some employers might not know your type of service exists, or even how it might be of importance to them. It is your job to educate, before you can convert an employer. 

You should include samples of past work including videos, to help employers gauge your expertise, without necessarily engaging you. A properly set up service will sell itself, in your absence. 

Do not forget to prepare the FAQs, within each service. FAQs should reflect the most common questions employers might be looking for within your service. The FAQs are the easiest way for employers to find you or your service and as such, it will serve you best to have well researched FAQs, that incorporate common keywords and phrases within your niche.

Remember, the services are supposed to help you sell and close deals even when you are offline. Give it your best shot at trying to convince employers to buy without the need to chat or engage you.

Your services appear when someone is looking for services. Keywords and other details such as skills help employers find the right services to purchase.

3. Verify your profile

While employers only need their payments verified, freelancers must have verified identities. To verify your profile, you must upload a copy of your national id, that matches the details you offer elsewhere on the platform.

An unverified freelancer account cannot request for payouts.

Note: Without detailed services and a good profile, you are virtually invisible on our platform.

Make it easy for people looking for help to find you.

These few things should help prepare you for your freelancing journey with us. 

If you run into any problems, reach out through any of our social media handles, chat on our website or via email.

Wishing you all the best.

Freelance Soko Team


Etiir Lomitiri Charles on November 5, 2021

I’m so grateful to be part of this family.

    Support on December 9, 2021

    Great to have you on board. Thank you for the support.

Dennis munyao on December 6, 2021

Am happy to be among the community

Mariah Rowz on December 11, 2021

I am pleased to be part of you.

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