Should Freelancers Pursue Wealth or Pleasure?

Should Freelancers Pursue Wealth or Pleasure?

One of the most contentious questions in freelancing is the line between money and enjoyment. Should you take up a specific line of work because it gives you money or are you the freelancer that has fun while at it?

The Money

Freelancing for money is perhaps the most common motivation in Kenya. Admittedly, living in a third-world nation makes the desire to make ends meet the priority. Most people’s priorities include generating a sufficient income.

Notably, you could have landed that gig as a writer because you had no other income as a student. That guy is a photographer because he came by a camera, captured a few shots, and sold them. Your digital marketer lost her job at that prestigious firm and now has to do it for various groups.

It is a diverse spectrum, but the money-goal inevitably prevails. Recognizing this objective is important, especially as it allows you to plan your resources and incomes. If your focus is on wealth generation, you can determine how much you work and what you do with the cash. This group tends to be more driven, willing to take riskier jobs, and hold longer commitments. However, they are also more likely to burn out and deliver sub-par items.

The Enjoyment

The other group of freelancers does their stuff for fun. These members of the gig economy include that guy who does your shoots at absurdly low rates or takes writing jobs that you simply cannot stand. Their focus is on having fun while doing the job. This group is rare, especially, as we have noted, in this country’s economy.

What does this freelancer do? They rarely bargain to get better rates from their clients. Sometimes their tasks and schedules may seem unreasonable to other players in the same context. However, they also have the advantage of forging positive and more amicable relations with clients.

Despite this easy-going approach seeming advantageous, beware of this freelancer. Their casual stance limits their reliability for long-term commitments. As they have nothing to lose, the decision to cease service provision can occur without warning.

Inevitably, there will always be the freelancer who loves the money but also seeks pleasure. However, considering the dual perspective is important in making decisions, especially when hiring them for important tasks. Do you take the money-minded freelancer or the pleasure seeker? Ultimately, it is up to you to decide the risk-benefit balance you are willing to accommodate.

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