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Uvocorp Writing Account

Academic writing accounts in Kenya provide some of the most consistent sources of freelance opportunities. The accounts take a typical format, including a platform for client posts and writer engagements. However, people will always wonder which of these platforms provides a viable source of income. In this first review, we focus on UvoCorp.


UvoCorp is a UK-based entity, operational since 2006. However, most of these writing accounts have alternative origins. Uncertain claims point to UvoCorp’s Ukrainian roots, suggesting this origin and an asset transfer or call-center support reflecting the UK. Hence, most jobs will come from Europe or the United States.

It is important to note these background details, including recognizing the implications for writer selection and compensation. The consequent review will focus on multiple areas, including the CPP, deadlines, work supply, and support.

Compensation Per Page (CPP)

UvoCorp receives a regular acknowledgment as one of the platforms that offer favorable CPPs. The organization provides diverse payments depending on the task complexity or simplicity. However, more pertinent issues like the account’s level and the writer’s status as a native English speaker or English as a Second Language (ESL) content developer. Notably, most Kenyan academic writers are under the ESL classification. The verification phone call at setting up the account and the accompanying documentation facilitates this resolution.

Nevertheless, the typical compensation per page at UvoCorp varies between $5 and $27, depending on the task type. Tasks below five dollars are high-school-level questions, especially in the social sciences. On the other hand, more complex assignments in mathematics or engineering could pay much higher.

Notably, jobs with shorter deadlines pay better. Assignments that require address within less than 24 hours pay significantly well. Another pertinent factor is the account level. UvoCorp accounts at the lowest level (high school) have limited access to the more complex tasks at the university or graduate level. The implication is that the jobs pay significantly less. However, as each writer advances through the ranks, they get access to better compensation.

Summary of CPP at UvoCorp. Source:


Compared to other accounts, UvoCorp has daily reasonable deadlines. The bulk of tasks on this platform will have a 2-4 day deadline, allowing sufficient research and writing time. Few tasks have shorter deadlines, such as less than one day. However, these assignments pay much better.

For instance, a high-school task that would have a CPP of $5 typically has nearly doubled this amount during occasions when they need completion in a few hours. Ph.D. assignments can pay as high as $15 under critical deadlines.

Therefore, the deadlines within UvoCorp are invariably acceptable and favorable. However, it would be best if you recognized the implications of your scheduling on meeting these goals and surviving the time limitations, especially for the shorter deadlines.

Work Supply

A common weakness of the conventional writing accounts is the seasonal variation in work supply. UvoCorp has both low and high seasons, which means that there are periods with a significant amount of work while some time has nothing. During the peak season, available orders could be as many as one hundred.

However, during the low season, the account could have only a few jobs. Those that are available me only be visible to people holding undergraduate accounts and above. Besides, they tend to be inherently difficult, leaving only a few writers with the option to complete tasks. This pattern means that the low season is inherently difficult to generate an income.

UvoCorp’s low season begins in late May and persists through June, July, and August. During this time, work supply remains sparse. However, by early September, a few more tasks will begin emerging. The peak season officially resumes in mid-September, which will also be the chance to catch the release of new accounts.

Therefore, by the time you acquire the new UvoCorp, remain cautious of the implications of these seasonal variations. Perhaps, then you can effectively design your yearly work approach to incorporate an alternative course during this period.

Freelance academic writers vacancies at UvoCorp. Source:


UvoCorp’s support can only be rated as average. The system welcomes writer inquiries, striving to respond to any concerns regarding an ongoing task. They also provide sufficient mediation between the clients and the writers. However, this account’s support will not go out of their way to provide proficient management assistance.

The writer may have to struggle with issues like an inconvenient deadline or a difficult client. Besides, they also struggle with sustaining a positive outlook on writer performance and progression, lacking any deliberate encouragement of positive efforts and implementing a lot of negative criticism.

Account Establishment and Growth

A core challenge surrounding UvoCorp is the opening of new accounts and progression through the ranks. The account has multiple levels, with the lowest being high school and the highest being the PhD. After the initial setup, new writers begin at a mentorship level. This is a rather frustrating component of the writer’s experience.

Notably, they have to contend with regular reviews and feedback from the mentor. The issue is the discretion of the mentor in deciding the portion of your earnings they keep. Some mentors can keep as much as 40% of your payment during this period. However, you also have the advantage of a regular workflow.

After the mentorship period, you progress into highschool without probation. The consequent undergraduate (Year 1-2), undergraduate (year 3-4), Graduate, and PhD tasks determine your conventional CPP and access to tasks.



UvoCorp has its difficulties. However, with an adequate commitment and professionalism, you can thrive in this account. Regularly meeting your deadlines and avoiding grammar mistakes will reduce your susceptibility to management problems.

You can also assure progression through the ranks by providing quality work. So, yes. Go ahead and get this account. It may be the opening you have been seeking.

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