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  • February 26, 2024

Uses of the baobab tree

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I am kindly requesting assistance in developing a 3-page article on the uses of Baobab produce. The article highlights the industrial and commercial uses of the baobab powder and fruit and also their contribution to the local communities.

Some of the ideas that i believe can be presented in the article include; 

Brief overview of the baobab tree and unique characteristic

Historical significance and traditional uses of the baobab products in local communities: see> https://www.emkp.org/documenting-endangered-foodway-heritage-of-the-baobab-tree-among-the-mijikenda-of-coastal-kenya

Exploration of the baobab powder as a nutritional powerhouse arich in vitamin C, antioxidant and fibre (Nutritional value, profile and benefits, health and medicinal.) 

Application of the baobab powder in the foods and beverage industry

Utilization of the baobab oil in the cosmetics and skincare industry

Market situation for baobab products in africa

Mention compliance with international markets: e.g . In 27th June 2008  European Union (EU) approved baobab (Adansonia digitata) dried fruit pulp for sale as a novel food ingredient in Europe. In 2009 the U.S Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recognized the baobab fruit pulp as (Generally Regarded as Safe - GRAS). These regulatory approvals have paved the way for baobab fruit pulp to be marketed as a food and beverage ingredient in EU and US markets

Challenges and future prospects: show conservation status,  check on sustainability issues > see biopiracy issue in kenya: Highlight Biopiracy issues e.g Kenya https://news.mongabay.com/2023/06/kenyan-baobab-trees-uprooted-for-export-to-georgia-critics-call-it-biopiracy

Exploration of ongoing research and development efforts to enhance Baobab cultivation, processing, and product innovation. Emphasis on the importance of sustainable and ethical practices in the Baobab industry to ensure long-term benefits for both producers and consumers. Encouragement for continued collaboration between governments, NGOs, and private sectors to support Baobab initiatives.

Use this structure tone and level of detail. Kenyan baobab trees uprooted for export to Georgia; critics call it ‘biopiracy’

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