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  • Kenya
  • September 20, 2021

Digital media have intensified time-space compression – how has this impacted on
an individual’s capacity to communicate, express themselves and connect?

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PS Office: Complete office suite with PDF editor   Here's the link to the file: https://eu.docworkspace.com/d/sIGOFjemIAZn5nIoG [1728104_Hassan_Robert_Sutherland_Thomas_Philosophy_Of_Media_A_short_History_Of_Ideas_And_Innovations_From_Socrates_To_Social_Media_Routledge_2017_.pdf]   https://eu.docworkspace.com/d/sICeFjemIAZn5nIoG [1728106_Wajcman.2016.pdf]   https://eu.docworkspace.com/d/sIMiFjemIAZn5nIoG [1728105_24_7_Late_Capitalism_and_the_End_of_Sleep.pdf]   https://eu.docworkspace.com/d/sIOaFjemIAaT5nIoG [Advanced Levels of Clinical Inquiry and Systematic Reviews.pptx]   https://eu.docworkspace.com/d/sICSFjemIAbT5nIoG [1728107_Shoshana_Zuboff_The_Age_of_Surveillance_Capitalism_The_Fight_for_a_Human_Future_at_the_New_Frontier_of_Power_PublicAffairs_Books_2019_.pdf]   Shared from WPS Office: https://activity.wps.com/wpsoffice2020

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Nairobi, Kenya

Project ID:FS-5673-mradi

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