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description on computer science and mathematics

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                             COMPUTER SCINCE AND MATHEMATICS TALK
The main aim of calling this discussion is to enable students and folks who selected computer science and mathematics as thier course.fisrt i take this opportunity to convey my gratitude to all of you for making it to this programme.in this article we are going to discuss the pros and cons of this course and i hope you will enjoy reading this let's get started.
Computer science deals with the fundamentals of computing and therefore equips the learner with the basic concepts of Computing.the learner will able to have the tecnical and theoritical understanding of computer.while mathematics on the other hand is the scientific study of numbers which enable the learner to apply it in real life and in academics through tme combination of both M&CS the graduate will vast opportunities for his careers some of the fields one can spescialise in are;

1.software engineer

2.web developer

3.data analyst 

4.cyber security

5.mathematics instructer


7.computer technician

software engineer

software engineers use the the knowledge of computer science and mathematics to solve internet related problems,this enables the browsers to navigate through the internet easily hence no internet twart.to add on software engineers use the coding languanges such as python and javascrict to develop applications on devivices such as android apps and ios.These application helps people in many ways such as entertainment and can also be used to carry functions pertaining business and health problems.

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