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3 full page of written text.
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Number of pages:3 pages = 825 words                                                                        Its says 5 page total- 3 pages full text
1st page cover and 5th page references
And the questions and comments 3pages. Total around -6
Read: Part 2 Section A Case #5: Macy's, Inc.: Will its strategy allow it to survive in the changing retail sector?
Watch the following videos
(Video 11:00 minutes)
Company Man. (2022, November 3). The Decline of Macy's...What Happened? [Video]. YouTube. https://youtu.be/JHnZUnd6ofE

(Video 2:13 minutes)
Reagan, C. [CNBC Television.] (2020, February 4). Macy's to Close 125 stores and Cut 2,000 Corporate Jobs. [Video]. YouTube. https://youtu.be/WbDeeM9rq4k

(Video 7:50 minutes)
WSJ. [Wall Street Journal.] (2020, November 20). Macy's store shone bright for over 150 years. Now it's flickering | WSJ. [Video]. YouTube. https://youtu.be/4V0I6ncltaM

Scenario (Focus: Business Strategy, Financial and Operating Performance, SWOT)
Macy’s CEO has learned of your considerable skills in strategic analysis and has hired you as a consultant to develop a strategic plan that will enable Macy’s to improve its position in the retail industry, continue to build a stronger financial position, and formulate a strategy concerning its future diversification or retrenchment from its existing lineup of businesses. In developing your analysis, you should

Assess the retail industry in its present state.
Assess Macy’s portfolio of retail brands.
Report on its recent financial performance.
Finally, your analysis should offer specific, actionable recommendations that will allow Macy’s to at least sustain, if not further improve, its position. Your recommendations should be well supported with arguments and justifications for each recommendation.

Part A. Case Analysis
The written case is to be crafted and prepared by you in your own words. The content of your written case should reflect your thoughts and analysis, based on what you learn from the eBook and other academic sources.

The written portion of the case should be a document (3 pages, APA format) summarizing the Problem/Issue, Analysis/Evaluation and Recommendations to address the strategic issues in the case.

Add a title page and a references page, for a total of 5 pages.

The purpose of the written case assignments is to help you become proficient in analysis-based decision making. The case is your detailed action plan to address specific issues. Each recommendation should be supported by your analysis of the case.

Use a minimum of three academic references in addition to the course eBook to support your analysis and recommendations.

Use the School of Business Case Analysis Guide by following the required steps outlined in it.

In addition to the case analysis, answer the following questions:

What are the strategically relevant components of the department store segment of the U.S. retail industry macro-environment?
How have Macy’s corporate strategy choices strengthened or weakened its competitive position in the retail industry? Use financial information and create a chart to support your points.
Is Macy’s generic strategy best characterized as a low-cost, differentiation, broad, focused, or best-cost strategy?
How well is this strategy working for Macy’s? Provide a SWOT analysis.
What socio-cultural forces and technological factors impact Macy's, as it is part of the U.S. retail industry?
Conduct research on the state of the company today. What strategic issues confront Macy’s presently? What market or internal circumstances should most concern the CEO and the company’s senior leadership team?
Submit the case study in MS Word or Adobe PDF file format.

Part B. Case Reflection Summary
On a separate page comment on:

1. The top two things you learned from this case.
2. What surprised you about the case.
3. Two concepts that you found most applicable to the analysis of this case.
4.How did the videos listed with the case help you with the analysis?                                         Formatting style:
Language Style:
English (U.S.)

Neat work. No plag or ai. 

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