How To Improve Your Freelance Academic Writing Career In Kenya (Top 5 Techniques)

How to improve your freelance academic writing career in Kenya top 5 techniques_

Have you been trying your hand at freelance academic writing in Kenya? Are you confused regarding why you never get jobs? Have you had several accounts close or lost your direct clients? Perhaps you have written for years, but you never seem to make as much money as you would desire.

Fortunately, you have come to the right place. Adopt these five secret techniques to improve your freelance academic writing career in Kenya.

1. Horne your English skills

Let’s face it. Most freelance writing jobs in the Kenyan market are and have always been in English. Therefore, it is time you polished your grammar and acknowledge the type of errors you make. Pay attention to minor details like tone and flow. Besides, acknowledge major ones like spelling and paragraph formats, but remain clear and concise.

These fundamental improvements will ensure that your paper is interesting and commands sufficient attention regardless of your topic.

2. Perfect your academic referencing and writing formating skills

Most jobs demand that you utilize specific referencing and formatting styles. You must be familiar with each requirement group, including APA, MLA, and Harvard. These three are the most common formats accompanying tasks in the social sciences. Therefore, learn how to exploit all these styles according to the clients’ demands.

Notably, minor errors, including page numbers, commas in the citations, and the reference list format, could reduce your paper’s standards. Take time and practice. Familiarize yourself with these requirements before you venture into freelance academic writing.

3. Expand your network among academic writers and potential employers

The secret to becoming a great freelance writer may lie beyond your skills. Networking is important. Make deliberate efforts to reach other freelance writers, especially those with more experience than you.

The connections will have ideas and knowledge on things like accounts, issues affecting the industry, and variations in job supply over time. These information types are integral to your work approach, as you strive to become a better freelance writer.

4. Expand your academic writing skill range

Sometimes, rigidity is your greatest enemy. You could claim that you are a “Business writer” or only specialize in the sciences. This could be the reason why you are struggling to keep a constant job supply throughout the year.

Different areas of freelance academic writing peak and dip at different points of the year. However, diversifying should enhance your chances of accessing work and earning significantly more from freelance writing.

These changes to your approach must also include the types of assignments you offer. Consequently, expanding to include essays, reports, and dissertations in your work also enhances your viability.

5. Persistence and hardwork

In the end, success is all about your effort. Commit to this venture as you would any other job. Please treat it with respect and professionalism. Most importantly, keep deadlines and quality as your priority.

As an freelance writer, you are a service provider. Therefore, ensure that your clients’ needs come first. Also, respond adequately to their demands, regardless of how unrealistic they may seem.

Meet these requirements, and you are ready to become a qualified freelance academic writer. There will be more lessons along the way. However, these components should provide a solid foundation for your venture.

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