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I am a professional statistician well versed in aspects of Statistics with a specialization in R, STATA, Gretl, SPSS, Python (Jupyter Notebook), and Excel. I am experienced in data cleaning, visualization, and analysis. I hold a bachelor's degree in Statistics and I have over 2 years of experience as a freelancer, helping different clients' on different projects creating reports. Over that time, I have completed projects with a 99.9% success rate therefore you're assured of high-quality work delivered on time. 

Being an expert Statistician, I will provide you with the following services:

1. Data manipulation, Data wrangling, and analyzing after identification of suitable statistical techniques.

2. Data visualization with appropriate graph (like Bar chart, Box-plots, Histogram, Pie chart, etc)

3. Descriptive statistics 

4. Bivariate analysis

5. Survey data manipulation and analysis

6. Regression, correlations, Chi-squares, Parametric and Non-Parametric tests, ANOVA, MANOVA.

7. Time series analysis

8. Reporting results with excellent formatting of Tables and Graphs.

9. One Sample and Independent T-Tests.

Contact me now and let's discuss the requirements of your project!

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