Escrow Value in Freelancing

Escrow in freelancing is an indispensable resource. Unfortunately, very few people understand the concept or its applicability to conducting their business. Let us take a few minutes and deliberate this concept.

What is Escrow?

Escrow refers to the third part capacity to hold funds in a relatively transitory state as two parties complete a transaction. Essentially, it is any service form that assures both the client and the service provider of accessing their requirements. Regardless of the familiarity of these parties, the third party’s reputation guarantees compensation to the provider. It also offers a money-back guarantee for the client in case of poor services.

Why is Escrow a Viable Option?

This technique of handling transactions is efficient because it encourages business among unfamiliar people. Clients can more readily seek freelancers, despite their virtual status as strangers. Besides, freelancers have the assurance of compensation. Notably, escrow also increases the value of their deliveries. When freelancers recognize the possibilities of clients getting refunds, they commit to efficiency.

What Escrow Options are Available?

Multiple alternatives are available, depending on your work area and region. For instance, in Kenya, Escrow Kenya is the leading service provider in this area. Besides, the United States has options like for all 50 states, while Epik offers global services. For freelancers providing services on accounts, such as academic writers, the administrators perform this function.


Yes! Be careful about choosing unknown escrow providers. Multiple platforms with specific freelancers will promise these services, but it is all a con. The most typical is the inducement to use the admin as the escrow holder, but eventually, you find that this is all an elaborate scheme to swindle people. Therefore, hold tight to your money. If you cannot use a reputable holder, do not release cash until you receive and secure your service or product.

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