Can transcription be done on phone?

Transcription on phone is perhaps an idea that would not cross people’s minds before. However, in the 2020s, mobile phones have gained capabilities that closely rival other computers. The capacities of these devices form the core of our discussion on implementing this function on phone.

Support Features

Multiple transcription apps are available for utilization on android and iOS. Rev, Otter, and Transcribe Me are some of these alternatives. Having the apps eases the processes of converting words into text. However, they may prove problematic when the speakers of your target content have accent challenges.

Typing on Phone

This aspect is a con. Typing on the phone may be difficult, escalating the risks of error and repetition. While document-formatting apps my be viable for proofing, this aspect is more efficient on a computer. These limitation may not eliminate the utilization of phones for transcription, but it invariably diminishes these pursuits’ feasibility.


A contestable question surrounding transcription using phones may be the amount of storage required to hold both the verbal content and the resulting files. The possibilities are that the video transcripts will be invariably heavy. Having them on the phone will be difficult, if not impossible, demanding an alternative storage options.


Transcription invetiably requires you to provide the client with the final written document. Sharing over phone may be easy when you have access to their addresses on the typical media. However, if the document proves large, sending it over gmail or whatsapp could be difficult. These platforms provide alternatives like links to share and download. Nevertheless, clients could find challenging to exploit the content.

Therefore, transcription on phones is possible. However, it is also challenging to implement, because of the limitations of the devices and their programming. Hence, the decision to pursue this option should inherently include an understanding of these challenges.

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