Believing These 5 Myths About Academic Writing In Kenya Keeps You From Growing

Believing these 5 myths about academic writing in Kenya keeps you from growing

Several myths about academic writing in Kenya confront new and veteran writers. While a million facts about academic writing exist out there, most are myths that confound your growth. Fortunately, an awareness of their presence will ensure you still thrive. Read on to identify reality from unfounded narratives.

Myth 1: Academic Writing is not a Real Job

This belief is prevalent. People treat academic writing in Kenya as a side-gig, which can never give them a real income. Such beliefs will inevitably diminish your willingness to dedicate any significant efforts to your work.

Myth 2: Anyone can Become an Academic Writer

Among the myths about academic writing in Kenya include that anyone can assume academic writing. Specifically, the raging pandemic has induced people’s search for alternative income sources. The assumption that you can easily purchase an account, write, and make money hinders any significant efforts to gain excellence.

Myth 3: Getting an Account Makes You Rich

Most people believe that the only way to thriving in academic writing is through getting an account. The belief leads to constantly purchasing new accounts, failing to deliver quality, and regularly confronting the threat of closure. Such experiences could hurt your chances of success.

Myth 4: Account Owners Always Make More Money than Writers

There is an element of truth in account owners often making more money than their writers. Some tasks typically pay extra-ordinarily, which the owner does not have to reveal. However, the belief is not always true and should not be the sole reason you decide to purchase or create an account.

Myth 5: Academic Writing without Training is Easy

This relates to the belief that anyone can become an academic writer. Engaging in this activity is far from the conventional assignment you must confront. Therefore, assuming tasks without training will only increase revisions or account closure.

Avoid these five myths about academic writing in Kenya and you will, undoubtedly, see a difference in the progression of your work,.

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