Are freelance journalists making any money?

Are freelance journalists making any money?

Freelance journalists remain among the careers that people scarcely understand. Notably, this is a role that relies on individual content generation to make money. However, is it worthwhile in Kenya?

The answer may not be what you expect or desire. The truth is that freelance journalists in Kenya barely make any money. Their contributions are limited to minor components of newspapers or magazines. Also, only very few thrive or forge noticeable careers.

Every new agency prioritizes its internal staff. Particularly, in the course of the pandemic, significant layoffs targeted this group. For the freelancing journalist, finding work became impossible. These patterns were far from unique. Freelance journalism is an inherently seasonal experience. Therefore, at times there are jobs while other seasons are invariably slow.

Kenya’s media industry is still growing. As a result, there have been notable increases in bloggers, sports reporters, and the likes. However, even as these careers grow, their acceptability remains limited. Therefore, even as freelance journalism presents a positive outlook, it isn’t easy to make enough money.

The Conclusion

No. Freelance journalists in Kenya are not making money. Not enough anyway. Hence, if you will get into this industry, be aware that it may be hard, especially in the long term.

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